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  • Group Communication Service  v.0.6.1The Group Communication Service intends to provide a generic API for applications that need group communication primitives, such as virtual synchrony or atomic broadcast. Its a Java based common API to several toolkits such as Spread, Appia and JGroups.
  • Kairon  v.3.6Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Astrology Calculation Software in German, English and Japnese (all in one file) Astronomical Calculations: SwissEphemeris by Astrodienst Zuerich Atlas: ACS Astro Communication Service in Sandiego, CA - Mini Atlas with ...
  • Open cluster  v.1.0OpenCluster is a toolkit to provide IP multicast communication service. It aim at simple, easy-to-use and stable, and can be used in distributed cache and application cluster.
  • Roger Dingledine's Tor  v. is a connection-oriented anonymizing communication service.
  • Perl ECS  v.0.31Perl ECS is an implementation of the EMDIS Communication System (ECS) ...
  • Pocket PC Group SMS Software  v. bulk SMS transmission application send unlimited numbers of Unicode character supported text messages from any branded windows mobile devices like Pocket PC and Smart phone to single or selected group of national or international cell phone user.
  • Perl ECS for Linux  v.0.31Perl ECS is an implementation of the EMDIS Communication System (ECS), written in Perl.
  • Pocket Pc Text Messaging Tool  v. pc text messaging tool is used for sending bulk messages for covering targeted marketing, sending job alerts, invitation cards, greetings, stock updates, event notifications etc. Bulk SMS tool can easily send text messages to number of users.
  • Friendplay Instant Messenger (IM)  v.2.3Friendplay Instant Messenger ...
  • Kairon 3.5  v.3.5.12Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrologie Software mit SwissEphemeris und ACS Atlas, wnhlbare Schriften, 21 Anayamsas, 21 Aspekte, >11400 Asteroiden, >300 editierbare arabische Punkte, 18 Haussysteme, graphische Ephemeriden, Profectionen, Firdaria, Halbsummen,...
  • BhCall PC 2 Phone  v.2214BHcall is the most convenient way to call abroad. Talk to your family, friends or business colleagues in Arabian Gulf Countries and worldwide. Buy login cards in your country now or buy credit using your credit card ( Visa, Master Card, American ...
  • Thunder Batch  v.2.1.2Thunder Batch is the ultimate system for job scheduling and mobile control. Repeatable, verifiable and portable execution of scripts, programs and commands. Thunder Batch is a scalable enterprise-grade Windows job scheduler for getting your batch ...
  • Qnext- Unified Communication & Sharing  v.3.0.6Qnext Unifies Communication, Broadcasting and Sharing, 4-way Video, 8-way Voice, Universal IM MSN-Yahoo-AIM-ICQ-Gtalk-Jabber-IRC. Any size File transfer. Instantly Share Files-Photos & stream Music. Remote PC. Secure-P2P-Web2.0-SDK-Win-Mac-Linux.
  • Salon Booking Service  v.4.4Web-based salon management software. You can use the web-service to show hourly availability. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage.
  • IKode Service Desk X  v.5.3iKode Service Desk X is an easy to use and web based customer service software and service management software. It streamlines customer service communication with tickets, a knowledge and more. iKode Service Desk X can be used to resolve IT issues by ...
  • Distributed Communication Frame  v.1.0DCF is based on ACE,it provides a optional Name-Service for locating service, a single interface for both client and server. Anyone can embed DCF in a program to implement communication easily.
  • Open Plume Web Service Widget (OP-WSW)  v.1.0This project is intended to incorporate a public algorithm that can compute a plume transportation and dispersion model via a web service. The communication protocol is intended to become a defacto standard for other similar programs.
  • Hardware Inspector Service Desk  v.1.9Hardware Inspector Service Desk. Request management in organizations. Close monitoring of user request, user self registration, access permission, built-in email notifier. Integration with Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server.
  • Entry Service  v.3.1Java library backing a service of a single (global) distributed object tree ...
  • Salon Booking Service Software  v.4.5Web-based salon management software. You can use the web-service to show hourly availability. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage.
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